Real Estate Consulting

As the market continues to grow, real estate in Japan is increasingly attracting the attention of international investors, offering excellent investment opportunities and stability. With our wide range of experience in Real Estate Consulting we can provide customers living abroad  Investors, Individual or Corporate with property details and offer a wide range of real estate advisory services.

The uniqueness with our service is we eliminate the border, by means Overseas buyers could buy a property in Japan even without setting a foot in Japan.



Our expert staff with a proven track record will support you.

How to get the best pricing to selling your real estate.

When is the best time to sell?
How complicated is the contracting process?

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to consult us for further details.

Property Management

Managing rental real estate such as apartments, condominiums, stores, and monthly parking lots involves a variety of tasks and problems. We also believe that the most significant challenge to successful real estate management is the safe and efficient maintenance and management of the owner’s valuable and precious assets.

La Cuna takes the perspective of managing rental condominiums, apartments, and other real estate on behalf of the owner, and will take all possible measures to maximize profits and maintain and improve asset value.

Other Services

Flow of Transaction

Inquiry from Buyer

Book a consultation with us.

After a comprehensive consultation and provide us your property searching criteria and we’d list Japanese properties that best match your preferences. 

Sales Contract

Buyer and seller will sign a sales contract. The buyer will pay the deposit. The real estate licensed Takkenshi will explain the important matters of the subject property prior to signing.
*For details of documents and fees required when signing a contract, please see the section below.

Settlement & Property Turn Over

Buyer will pay the remaining balance and the seller will hand over the keys to the buyer, completing the transaction.
*For details of documents and fees required when handing over a property, please see the section on “Required items and fees for real estate transactions” below.

Required items and fees for real estate transactions

Please refer to the following for details of documents required when entering into a real estate transaction, and the various fees that are payable in addition to property purchase price.



Required items and fees upon settlement


Expenses breakdown

Tax payable by land and building owners. Every January 1st that has a real estate acquired in record will need to pay the 1 year whole tax from June , within 4 installment.

If you acquired a property by January 2nd, ther first payment of the fixed asset tax will be to the following year.

Tax payable on registration of ownership, or registration of transfer, when building on or selling land or buildings, plus payment to the judicial scrivener carrying out the registration procedure.

This is a local tax levied by the prefectural government when real estate is acquired by sale, purchase, or gift, or when it is newly built or expanded.
Payment of real estate acquisition tax is made at a financial institution using a “tax notice” that is sent from the prefecture within 6 to 18 months after the acquisition. The due date differs depending on each prefecture.

Regardless of whether it is a single-family home or a condominium, if you purchase a new building with a construction cost of 20 million yen or less, you will not be charged real estate acquisition tax on the building portion.

This is α very complicated matter , we fully explain to all of our clients if this is applicable and ways to cut some costs on acquisition process.

There are three main types of insurance for houses.
Fire insurance is the basic type of insurance for houses, and there are two additional types of insurance that can be added to it: home contents (Furniture & Appliances etc.) insurance and earthquake insurance. Fire insurance has a wide range of coverage and is an insurance with great benefits.

For this reason, it is almost mandatory to purchase fire insurance when buying a house , acquiring a real estate. However, the insurance covers only the building.

Fire insurance covers more than just fire.
Although it is called “fire insurance,” it does not only cover fire. There are five main types of coverage: fire, lightning, explosion, wind, hail, snow, water, theft, water damage, and material damages.

However, “theft/water leakage” and “material damage” etc. may be optional in some comprehensive fire insurance policies. Some insurance policies separate these items into “home material insurance,”(Furniture & Appliances etc.) so you need to be aware that fire insurance alone may not cover these items.

Document issued within seven days by the building official, or equivalent, once notification of completion has been submitted by the owner and a final inspection has been carried out to confirm that construction complies with the Building Standards Act. The owner is not permitted to use the building, or allow others to use the building, until a certificate of completion has been issued, as a rule.

The real estate brokerage business is a business that stands between the seller and the buyer in real estate transactions and acts as an intermediary. 

It is usually possible to get commissions from both the seller and the buyer.

On the other hand, the real estate consulting business is a business that advises customers on the utilization of real estates such as real estate management, immovable price assessment, and apartment management from the perspective of utilizing idle assets. 


La Cuna is offering Real Estate Consulting Service, which means we are only to our client-side. We will not receive any fee aside from the consultation fee that we offer.

However, if you would prefer a real estate brokerage service we are able to introduce you to our partner Real Estate company.

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