Insurance Consulting

Consulting on risks surrounding corporate activities

In the increasingly sophisticated and complex corporate activities. There is a wide range of risks involved.
We provide highly specialized consulting services, from raising issues based on an understanding of the actual status of risk to proposing various insurance products for improvement.

As a group of experts that can accurately respond to all kinds of risks may faced by companies, and as the best partner that companies can rely on

Our strength lies in building quality relationships with our customers.

Risk Consulting

Liability Insurance

We investigate and analyze potential risks in business operations, identify problems, and propose optimal solutions for each client.
We have a wide range of business know-how and highly specialized consulting services that utilize risk maps. La Cuna is  prepared for various risks surrounding our customers’ corporate activities.

Corporate Asset

Fire and earthquake risks for buildings, facilities, and other property


Various liability risks, compensation for absence from work, and compensation for profit


Directors' and Officers' damage insurance, Accident Insurance and Employee Benefit Plan

In cooperation with experts in various fields, we provide a variety of consulting services tailored to each client’s situation.
We offer a wide range of consulting services to meet the needs of our clients, including review of existing insurance policies, reviewing of retirement benefits for executives and employees, effective reduction of corporate tax and other tax burdens, and management of retirement funds.

Other Insurance Consulting

Corporate Insurance Coverage

Research and analysis of potential risks in business operations, and potential problems. We propose solutions to these problems.

Retirement Consulting

Preparation for Executive and Employees retirement fund and other benefits.

*This service is only available in Japan (Registered Corporate)

La Cuna and NN Life Insurance

LLC La Cuna is an official agent/ agency of NN Life Insurance (Japan)we are licensed and registered on Japan Ministry of Finance.

With our agenct/agency agreement with NN Life Insurance we are able to offer NN Life insurance insurance products to corporates in Japan.

What can life insurance for corporate can cover?

Various funds that can be supported by life insurance

Funds needed by the company

Business security funds

  • Creditors (banks, business partners, etc.) may have credit concerns. It is safe to have funds to pay off debts ahead of time. (Debt: loans, accounts payable, notes payable, etc.)
  • It is safe to have funds equivalent to fixed costs for a certain period of time to prepare for a decline in sales. This can also be used as working capital for the company. It also helps to prevent the outflow of employees due to uncertainty. (Fixed costs: salaries of executives and employees, rent, etc.)
  • The successor will be relieved if there are funds to repay the joint and several guarantee obligations of the manager.

Emergency reserve fund

  • Funds” and “profits” are necessary to keep a business going. A company may have a sudden need for extraordinary “funds” or “profits” through its business activities. And this may affect the survival of the company. It is important to secure a certain amount of working capital that can be used at any time.
    (Bankruptcy of a client, rejection of a bank loan, loss on sale, etc.)

Business succession planning funds

  • Business succession measures need to be considered from the standpoint of both management succession (training successors, instilling corporate philosophy, etc.) and asset succession (business assets, company stock, etc.). Funds for countermeasures include

  • Funds for the company to purchase treasury stock when it is inherited by someone who is not involved in the management of the company.

  • Death benefits and condolence money that can be used to pay inheritance tax if the remaining family members inherit a large amount of the company’s stock.

  • Retirement benefits for managers who have successfully retired.
    Regardless of the company’s performance at the time, it would be a relief to have the funds to pay death benefits, condolence payments, and retirement benefits.

To do so, you need to prepare financial resources systematically. Why not consider this in conjunction with the development of rules for executive retirement benefits?

Welfare fund

  • Payment of death benefits and condolence payments to the employee’s bereaved family in the event that something should happen.
  • Payment of severance pay to the employee himself/herself when he/she retires safely.
    A well-developed welfare system such as these will help you recruit and retain the best people. Why don’t you consider systematically preparing funds in conjunction with the development of employment regulations, retirement allowance regulations, and congratulatory and condolence payment regulations?

Legacy Livelihood Security Funding

  • Companies can pay death benefits and condolence money to the bereaved families of executives who lose their source of income. It is necessary to prepare funds in a systematic manner along with the establishment of rules for retirement benefits for directors and corporate auditors.
  • There are certain tax exemptions for death benefits and life insurance benefits received by the bereaved family from the company.

Long-term medical treatment funds

  • In the event that a manager suffers from an illness that requires long-term medical treatment, or becomes severely disabled or in need of nursing care and must step down from the management line, it would be a relief to have funds that can be used to prepare for risks to the company such as the burden of paying fixed costs and a decrease in sales, as well as to provide “visitation money” as part of hospitalization expenses.

Living and retirement funds

  • The company can pay retirement benefits to the president in response to his long years of service and to fund his lifestyle after he retires. The company must be able to pay the severance payment regardless of the company’s performance at that time, and this requires systematic preparation of financial resources. If not prepared, the payment of retirement benefits may have a negative impact on the successor’s cash flow and financial results. It is advisable to consider this together with the development of rules for directors’ retirement benefits.

    Retirement benefits for directors and corporate auditors are subject to taxation laws and regulations. Why don’t you decide the amount by considering the balance with the amount of executive compensation?

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