About Us

Our History

It all started when our Founder started her career in Real Estate.

She specialized in Foreign National Real Estate Brokerage where she help foreign nationals that have been living in Japan with or without Permanent residence to purchase residential properties. She found out how hard for foreign nationals, especially non permanent and foreign business owner to acquire a mortgage approval, Investment loan and how complex Japanese Real Estate, Law and Terms. Language barriers for foreign national.

She then made a decistion the she’ll make ‘a better, borderless service’.

2018, she built her first company , a consulting company  that successfully matched foreign and Japanese companies, build business service from scratch. Then later a Recruitment service, placing foreign students and residence to Japanese companies.

In 2020 She became an independent real estate agent, partnering with various real estate agencies and mortgage banks. Obtain her licenses in the insurance field, successfully partnered with Rakuten Group.

LLC La Cuna was established  for the sole mission to serve and eliminate borders.

La Cuna be your first door to Japan and the Next Step to enter the global market.

Our Promise

we’re more than just a Consulting Company. We help small businesses to realize their full growth potential, and we’re invested in their success.

Our team is driven by your success. Every single day, we'll support your business and help you to succeed.

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